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What Mike doesn’t like

OK, so I’m human just like the rest of you and there are things that really annoy me. Here’s a list of my “pet peeves”. Enjoy

•Paying taxes, but then again who does? Don’t get me wrong, I understand that we have to pay taxes, but see next item.

•Hearing about some government scandal or waste that squanders our tax dollars.

•Opening my favourite cereal box in the morning and seeing that there are only crumbs left.

•Junk mail.

•Buying a seedless fruit only to find out that it actually has seeds.

•Burnt microwave popcorn…..a few seconds makes all the difference.

•June bugs…they’re so annoying. I’m disgusted by insects in general.

•Taping a sporting event or TV show to watch it later, and then inadvertently hearing about the outcome before I get to watch it for myself. That just ruins it for me.

•Trying to untangle Christmas lights. Now yes, I roll it up “neatly” just like my wife asks but I could swear that somehow they manage to tangle themselves up.

•People that crowd you when you’re trying to make a card transaction at the checkout, please give me my personal space!

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