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Here are some completely random and true facts about me. There’s lots more, so maybe I’ll make this a running list and add on at a later date.

• Chicken or Steak – For sure steak , I like mine medium
• Coke or Pepsi – Coke every time, there is no substitute
• Jube Jubes or Gummi bears – Jube Jubes, I have to have a supply of these near my desk, especially on long editing sessions
• Gas or Electric stove – Gas, my parents always had one growing up and I don’t think I could ever like electric, I love my gas stove
• Electric tooth brush or manual – Electric, ever since I got it I kept wondering why I didn’t get one sooner
• Winter or Summer – Summer, I live for the summer months and love the heat
• Chips or Popcorn – Popcorn all day, I’ve been going old school lately and popping it on the stove in a large pot. Add the extra butter and salt and I’m good to go
• Electric shaver or blade – I love my electric, it’s sharp, fast and doesn’t irritate my skin like a new blade. From time to time I don’t mind using the blade though
• MMA or NBA – I love MMA, I’ve been a huge fan for a long time, but I still love to watch an NBA game when I get the chance
• Email or phone – I don’t mind email but prefer the phone. I just feel like I can feel and make a much better connection with people if we can chat. I just thinks it’s more personable. Having said that I’d much rather chat with clients face to face
• TV or movies – I really don’t have that many TV shows that I have to watch – except for LOST. I love watching movies as a way to wind down and of course have to have my Coke and popcorn
• Cake or Ice Cream – Both, why not have the best of both worlds
• Casual or formal – I really don’t mind dressing up but when I’m hanging out it’s jeans and a shirt for me. For weddings I wear black dress shoes, black dress pants and a nice shirt
• Juice or Water – I drink a lot of water during the day, but first thing in the morning I have a glass of juice
• Coffee or Tea – No thanks, not for me
• Finally, Mr. Roper or Mr. Firley – Firley was a little too weird for me, and I preferred Mr. Roper

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